Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog Entry "More Important Stuff" & Tech Tuesday Links 2/22/11

I’ve heard the argument that the really important stuff you learn in life doesn’t come from a classroom.  That will be at the forefront this week at Paint Valley Local Schools.  You see, last Friday, Paint Valley lost three of their students in a one car accident on the way home from school.  Two of the three were brother and sister.  This tragedy affected more than these families involved but the entire community.  Hundreds of community members, students, parents, etc. filled the Paint Valley gymnasium on Sunday to gain comfort from the professionals assembled and each other.  Classes will go on this week, the science fair will take place.  Tests will be given and homework assigned.  But how much learning will take place?  There are times in life when the most important stuff can come from what’s going on outside the school walls and have it embraced and dealt with inside the brick and mortar we call “school”.  So as you start your teaching this week, say a little prayer for the teachers, administrators, and school personnel at Paint Valley Schools so they’ll be able to teach their students that it’s okay to grieve.  And as you send your child out the door to go to school this week, hug them a little tighter then you ever have before.

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